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1st you need to download the folowing things:

-part1 server files .. Download at Rise You Life Section Tbd Security

-5 Database files posted by Grasshoper on this topic

-MSSQL 2000 & sp 3 .. you can get evaluation version that is valid for 90 days from Microsoft.

2nd Installing SQL and seting up databases:

-Start up mssql folow the installation wizard and where it ask for authentication mode,
select mixed one and enter a password for sa account. (dont forget the password!!!)

-After it is installed start MSSQL enterprise manager.
Extand down till you see your server with all its folders.

-Open Database folder, right click and select new database.
Here you need to create 5 new databases.
I named them RYLadmin, RYLauth, RYLgame, RYLkeeper, RYLlog
(you only need to input the name no other info is needed when creating DBs)

-Once you have all your databases created
Right click on one of your new databases and select all tasks > restore database,
in new window select from device > select deviced > add then search for 5 database files you DL,
then click the option tab and select "Force restore over existing database" and correct the path for the files
(dir must be created befor, it will not create one it self)

Restore all 5 DBs
winner1 is the game db
youxiuser is the auth db
pay_gamemyth is the keeper db
admintool is the admintool db
youxicard is log db

3rd set up ODBC for your server:

-Go control panel > administrative tools > Data sources ODBC

-Click system DNS tab > add > scroll down the list and select SQL server >
next name your DNS "RYLauth" and select your server eather local or the server name that is named after your PC if you havent changed it when installing MSSQL
In the next window select SQL server authentication and for login ID put SA and the pass you selected when installing MSSQL
Next window check the "change default database to" and select (in this case) RYLauth from the list click next and finish, on the window that pops up you can test your connection with sql.


-Click file DNS tab > add > select SQL server > input your file DNS name "RYLauth" > finish then folow the same steps as you did for seting up system DNS

(it was said here that you only need to create DNS file but i had to set up DNS system as well)

4th Seting up server files:

-Go to your server folder "Part1-Server" you got 3 folders inside: manage tool, admin, server.

-Open server folder and start ServerSetupdlg program.

Under Login tab you need to edit patch address with your IP, and client version (havent tryed with only with my internal ip)

Under Auth tab edit DB agent address with your IP, server tipe Taiwan, server group i dont get yet i have it set to 5 = 5, Data Source name is your auth DB in my case RYLauth, acc is sa, password is the one you defined for sa when installing sql
alos check supress charcreate.

Under game tab add 6 zones, set natipn to indonesia then define each zone, group 5 = 5, server zone 1,2,3,4,5,8, for zone 1 and 2 select server channel1, add your IP in DB agent, log server, chat server addresses, xp and drop as you wish i have it set to 200
Min fame 0 max 8000 limit users acording to your wishes. Note you have to save each zone by clicking save zone settings befor moving to another zone.

Under agent zone edit servertype part1, nation indonesia, server group 5 = 5, billing tipe japan, version depends on what client you use (i'm using 553 with check sum 0xCE2607C8)
patch address put in your ip, login server put in your ip, uidserver put in your ip, GameDB put in your ip, game DB name in my case is RYLgame, game DB account is sa and pass is what ever you set in sql installation.

Under keeper admin tab, check free mode, server tipe japan, billing address put your ip, data sourc name in my case is RYLkeeper, acc is sa, pass is w/e you set it
Admin tool, set ip under hostname, DB name is RYLadmin, acc is sa, DB pass ...

Under log and chat tab, server group 5 = 5, agentserver host name put your IP, DB name is RYLlog in my case, acc is sa, pass ...
chat server, group 5 = 5, server channel ch1, agent server adress put in your IP, admin tool DB, adress is yuor IP, name is RYLadmin, acc is sa, pass is ...
save and exit

-Open Managetool folder.
Open ManageSetupClient.ini and edit the ip with yours, save and exit
Open RylSetupManageTool.ini and edit the ip with yours, save and exit
Open RylSetupServerGroup.ini scroll to the botom and edit the ip, dont forget to save (in this file you can also play around with groups, for this guide make a new name for indonesi test server)

-Now in this same folder are 2 programs SetupManage_usa and RylSetupServerRun.
Start up SetupManage. On the server machine list delete the server that is there, then on top input your IP and server name then click add server
Now edit the Execute path list, linking to the dir where your server files are stored, leave the execute options as they are,
select RunInfo Edit from the Functions menu, delete all of the RunInfo List then start inputing them again, select server, path and option then click bind.

You only have to select option for game servers other servers dont need option so select the blank spot befor clicking bind,
For game servers you need to bind them with option, since you have 6 zones you need to bind one option from "-c 0 -z 1" to "-c 0 -z 8" for each game server thats going to be runing as a zone.
grandcost -c 0 -z 1, RohanSpot -c 0 -z 2, BattleGround -c 0 -z 3, Sinor island -c 0 -z 4, Island of Pain -c 0 -z 5, Caernavon -c 0 -z 8
So after your done linking all of the servers you should have 11 entrys in your RunInfo List Close the list

One more thing you can do in this program is set ManageTool account. Click User Managment from Functions menu, click admin registration and fill in the needed data.

Ok Close ManageSetup and open RylSetupServerRun
Now you probobly have 11 entrys on this list too no the less click on each of the entrys and match them with info you select from drop down menu,
note that all of the servers where you can select server group have to be the same group (name you defined in RylSetupServerGroup under #5), zones go from grandcost z1, RohanSpot z2, BattleGround z3, Sinor island z4, Island of Pain z5, Caernavon z8

Now you can check if you set up the info correctly by starting ManageClient, ManageServer and RylMAnageTool, in the managetool click conncetion and conncet to manageserver, log in with the info you made in ManageSetup,
If you see loginserver and UID server red colored you have set them up correctly, now one fo your server groups should be red collored too, click on it and if you have agent, auth, and chat servers red colored along with 6 red gamezone server,
means your setup is right. You then click your acc name in top right corner and click promote me. Now you can start the servers in managment tool starting with log, uid, agent, auth, chat and zones from 1 - 6.

Hope this helps. If I have time i'll complete the guide with pictures and make it html format, but i dont think its gonna happen till the next week. Enjoy!

Note1: These are the steps i took when seting up the server and it works for me if it does not work for you i cant help you. Play around try different things use common knowledge and you'll probobly get it working sooner or later

Note2: Didnt run a spell check


How to set up admin newversion.

-Open admin_newversion folder,
open AdminServerInfo.txt and edit

AdministratorTool_DBServer = 192.168.xx.xx <-- your IP
AdministratorTool_DBName = RYLadmin <--- Admin DB
AdministratorTool_DBAccount = sa <--- SQL user
AdministratorTool_DBPass = yourpass <---SQL user pass


ServerGroupName5 = Name of the server group
AgentServerAddress5 = 192.168.xx.xx <-- your ip
AgentDBServer5 = 192.168.xx.xx <---your ip
AgentDBName5 = RYLgame <--- game DB
AgentDBAccount5 = sa <--- SQL user
AgentDBPass5 = yourpass <---SQL user pass

Now open AdminToolSetup.ini and edit

SERVERIP = 192.168.xx.xx <--- your ip

Save and exit.

Now open Enterprise manager go to your database map click on RYLadmin.
click on tables right click on tblToolAdmin and select open table > return all rows
now fill in strAdminID = your login name, strPasswd = your login pass, strLevel = D, name put w/e you want, strIP is your IP, dateRegit make something up, 2.2.2002
Close table info will be auto saved. Now start AdminManagerServer and AdminToolClient log in with the info you made and wolla.

Some Image : - ... guide_.rar
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