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 Changing Name In Chat

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PostSubject: Changing Name In Chat   Changing Name In Chat Icon_minitimeMon Dec 28, 2009 11:04 pm

Step 1: Preparation
First off, you will need to be running Gameguard Rev 545. To check which version your game uses you must start your RYL2 Client. Once you have gotten to the screen for you to Login with your ID and Password, press the Windows Button or Alt-Tab so you can see the Task Bar. Move your mouse over by the clock and Click the arrow pointing Left to show all. You will see an blue icon with a yellow shape looking over it that looks somewhat like a " ^ ". Place your mouse over this icon and it will say "nProtect GameMon Rev ____" The ____ is what version of Gameguard that is running. If you are above version 545 then you may download the files for version 545 here. I use the RYL2 Reunion client so the GG_Hosts.exe may not work correctly for all other servers (I haven't tried it on other servers so this is just a warning). To change your GameGuard version back to 545 you will need to download the .rar and Open the folder inside. Once that folder is opened you will see a "Gameguard" folder, a few files with various file extensions, and a GG_Hosts.exe file. You will need to Extract ALL of those files into your "...\CIB\RYL2" folder. Overwrite All old files (Make backups if you wish), then run GG_Hosts.exe. The next time you run the game it will be using GameGuard version 545 and it will not update (so far so good on the not updating, it's been quite a few months that I've used it)

Step 2: Using MHS to find your name
Open your game and start up MHS. Then open process "Client.exe" in MHS (Using GG rev 545 allows it to show up on the "Main Procceses"). Once opened we are going to use "Search > String Search" and make sure it is set to ASCII, then search for your character's name. If Iuse a Archer named -LastManstanding- then I would search for -LastManStanding- and then press OK. You will see a list of addresses show up in Found Addresses that show your name. Double click all of them that show your name. There should be quite a few.

Step 3: Using MHS to change your name
Now that we have a list of addresses to use we will begin to find the ones that will change what it is that we would like to change, that being our name on the in-game chat. To do this we will double click the first address that we have and change the "Cur Value" to whatever new name we would like. Ex: If I wanted to change my name from -LastManStanding- to Hacker then we would type "Hacker" in the "Cur Value" box then press OK. Now since we have more than 1 address that we found, this first one we changed may not be the magical address. So go into your game, type a message in the chat, and see what name it shows. If your name is still -KillerArcher- then go back to MHS and try the next address that you have. Repeat this until you find the address that, when edited, changes your name in the chat. You have now successfully hacked your name.
Note: If you change your name to a shorter name such as changing "-LastManStanding-" to "ADMIN", your name may change to "ADMINManStanding-". To fix this I found that typing something such as ADMIN\0\r\0x1\r\\\r will fix it without adding anything else.
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Changing Name In Chat
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