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 How To Make Bug Item

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How To Make Bug Item Empty
PostSubject: How To Make Bug Item   How To Make Bug Item Icon_minitimeMon Dec 28, 2009 10:13 am

Tutorial for 4k Bug items...
first u need Cheat engine
if u dont got it download it here
and click on this button (picture name: dowload button)
if u installed it then start it
bypass gameguard
then start ryl2 and open cheat engine
u will gonna see this (picture name: 1.process)
after u did that step u selected the process "client.exe" thats the ryl2 .exe
then (picuture name: 2.Text) change the value search to Text search
after that (picture name 3.NPC Name) type the weapon or armor merchant
name in it but make sure u opened it before and dont changed anything like bought or
sold anything.... then press "First Scan" it will take maybe 5 seconds...
after that u will get many adresses with the names pick the first 1
mostly its green...
go with your cursor over and press rightlcik (picture name: 5. memory) and select
"Disassemble this memory region" click on that and a window will top up
with many many numbers
then do rightclick like this (picture name:search memory) and
write the CORRECT item name down (picture name: item search)
after that u will see something like a totally weird word string
go and scroll a little bit down till u cant see the item name anymore
then u gonna see many 00000000000 and when u go more down u see "04" (picture name:04)
which is every important and now will come the time to edit something
(picture name: 9.unedited) look at that"! then u see just some numbers thats unedited
now look at that (picture name: 10. edited) then u gonna see that i changed some "00"
to "20" the 20 makes it to 4080 or 4095 its random... then go to shop
but DONT REFRESH and buy it (make sure u got more then 1b in your inventory)
then buy close cheatengine and go FULLY out of game... loggin and have fun

But Me No Have Tutorial 4k bug item..hehe

If Wan Code Just Pm Me..Or MakLuMaT LaNjUt..Wakaka

Wan 4k Bug Item.. Try Download Dis ...
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How To Make Bug Item
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