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 How To Bypass GG in Risk Your Life

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PostSubject: How To Bypass GG in Risk Your Life   Thu Dec 10, 2009 11:02 pm

First you need a RYL coder... heres the link =

Then what you need to do.. is find the script.mcf in the RYL2 directory..

open the RYL2 coder.. then open the script.mcf in the RYL2 coder..

The next step is.. find the RylNation(0, 0, "RYLCib");

After you found the string.. what you need to do next is.. to edit the string..

Change from this RylNation(0, 0, "RYLCib"); TO this RylNation(0, 0, "");

Delete the RYLCib.. and just leave the dot.. oky??? good luck ^.^
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How To Bypass GG in Risk Your Life
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