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 The Meaning of hacking

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PostSubject: The Meaning of hacking   The Meaning of hacking Icon_minitimeThu Dec 10, 2009 10:22 pm

What is hacking Question

People think that hacking is guessing someone’s password for an account or using cheat codes
for a game. Hacking is when cracking into an account or cheating in a game without using cheat codes. Hacking passwords requires a program or requires finding glitches from the website. A glitch is like a tweak or passage way that wasn’t fixed. Hacking Games requires editing of the files of the game or using a program to cheat for you.

Hacking games is also not using tips or tricks to win a game. The simplest way to describe hacking a game is that when some one is playing unfairly and not obeying the rules for fair play. Game Administrators use anti game hacking systems that protects the game, players and the staff members of the game from any hacking attempts. Yet there is no system that blocks people from hacking accounts except for firewalls. The best way to not get hacked is to use a strong password or use symbols in your password such as these ^&#@.

Hacking has a lot of meanings. In general, hacking can be used either to refer to manipulation of computers outside of normal use, or it can be used more specifically to mean illegal manipulation of computers, such as gaining remote access to another computer. The latter meaning is the one commonly used in the media.

If we use the second meaning, we have no word for "good" hacking, which is harmless. That could generate some misunderstanding. Some examples of "good" hacking are hacks that add options to the right click menu, change the text on the start menu, allow undeletable programs to be deleted (ex: Windows Messenger), or change the functioning of computer games. If we can't call it hacking, what could we call it?

On the other hand, if we use the first meaning, it's a little harder to communicate the idea that someone is doing illegal things with a computer.

In response to this, many "good" hackers have tried to invent new words for "bad" hacking. Among them are cracking and black-hat hacking. The "good" hackers would continue to be called hackers or white-hat hackers. A variation of this for hackers in-between "good" and "bad" is grey-hat hacking.

For the best clarity, the words "cracking" or "black-hat hacking" should be used for "bad" hacking, and "white-hat hacking" or "good hacking" should be used for "good" hacking.

So Guys?? what is actually hacking? easily to say.. HACKING IS FUN Very Happy
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The Meaning of hacking
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